Why does a society obsessed with eternal youth and physical beauty, whether natural or crafted by modern-day Dr. Frankensteins, find zombies fascinating? What is so appealing about watching the lurching movements of soulless creatures with unhealthy complexions and dropping body parts?

Are we to believe that zombies are the new sexy? Say it isn’t so, please. And yet, what else are we to conclude? The current heightened zombie craze follows the overall fascination with paranormal creatures and things that may send goosebumps up your spine.

Part of the fascination with vampires and werewolves is because writers make them desirable and sexy. Even before the Twilight vampires, the scenes of Dracula sipping his nightly libation from a willing female’s neck were quite sexual rather than creepy.

We know the imagination of writers is limitless, so we should not be surprised at what pops out of their convoluted minds. Based on the past popularity of anything and everything related to vampires, it makes sense for writers to crank out endless and increasingly weirder tales and creatures. The appeal of zombies to the masses is proof that there is no accounting for taste. Or, there is no taste at all.

This writer fervently hopes there is no Zombie Twilight series in our “entertainment” future. Can you imagine wild monkey sex scenes between humans and zombies? Instead of discarded clothing flying around the couple, the gagworthy visual of body parts falling off during such encounters may make “the talk” with our teenagers unnecessary.

The original idea behind a “zombie apocalypse” was the global destruction of the civilized world by zombies eager to consume human flesh or brains, depending on the vision of the writer or filmmaker. In the movies of George A. Romero, the zombie themes are used to criticize social problems. Problems like the government’s enslavement and exploitation of society and the dangers of conformity.

In 2011, the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published the book, “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse” with tips on how to survive a zombie invasion. It was meant to be a “fun” way to encourage emergency preparedness in the event of natural or manmade disasters. Not having had the pleasure of reading the book, one does wonder if it ended with a smiley face and LOL instead of The End?

Unlike the Hollywood and horror writers’ versions of zombies, there are actual zombies walking among us. The problem is it is difficult to distinguish the real zombies from the average citizen because they look just like us. Their skin is intact, and no peeling and flapping dermis or other body parts litter the sidewalk when they move. But, when the zombies speak, there is no doubt as to their identity.

You should fear these zombies because they are not interested in entertaining us. They are focused on entertaining themselves. In a very real sense, zombies are on the rise and poised to control the world as we know it.

Who are these real-life zombies?

They are the products of that great equalizer and giant brainwashing machine known as colleges and universities. At one time, a college education was desirable, but tenure removed the restraints from professors with the tendency to run amok. Whenever higher education bi-products give interviews, we are left to ask “Why did we blow thousands of dollars to produce such ignorant, undereducated and self-absorbed creatures?” Every word the graduate zombies utter offer further evidence that the phrase “college educated” is now officially an oxymoron.

Compared to college graduates of twenty or more years ago, the current and recent crop of placeholders also known as college students possess little actual knowledge of the world outside of their bubble wrapped and safe-zone world.

The interests of the short attention span new zombies are many, but any specialized knowledge is rare. Unless some of the students manage to learn something of use and explore new ideas and cultivate the ability to think logically, the world they must, by default, take over is screwed.










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