How often do we stop and consider an action before doing it?

Health care folks recommend we drink copious amounts of water every day. It makes sense during the hot summer days in Texas, but throughout the year as well. Staying hydrated keeps the body healthy.

This writer’s brother lives in the high desert region of New Mexico. He constantly reminds everyone to drink lots of fluids. The exact quote is, “Remember to hydrate.” It is his version of combining “Goodbye and I love you.”

It was easier to drink 64-ounces of water every day during work. Plus, it insured one got up from their desk and visited the echo chamber, commonly known as the restroom. You killed two birds with one stone – walking around and making room for more water.

As she prepared to run errands this morning, it struck this writer as a bit silly to reach for a cold bottle of water to have in the car. Even if the temperatures were not hovering around the century mark, the cold water would soon be tepid at best. If by the time we take a drink, the water will be warm, why not grab a warm bottle instead?

Thinking along the same lines of inevitability and wasted effort, how often have you gotten up and made the bed? Hubby and his wife had an understanding, whoever got up last made the bed. Again, we ask, why bother? In a relatively short time, we will be climbing back into the bed and messing it up all over again. 

However, when it comes to slightly anal people like this writer, neatness is important to Defcon critical. It may be inconvenient, but there is a certain satisfaction in looking around and knowing everything is in its proper place. As our children will attest, the need to organize can get out of hand. But then their neat and clean freak mother is their cross to bear.

In the grand scheme of things, the world would continue to revolve if the bed remained unmade. After all these years, it is pure compulsive behavior. When you think about it, what are the chances someone will show up to inspect the tidiness of your house? In this lady’s case, zero to never.

Whenever people call, this writer cleans. It is almost a kneejerk reaction instead of sitting down. Our daughter claims we could eat off our toilets because every time she calls her mother starts cleaning toilets or mopping the floor. Of course, she exaggerates, and even the thought of munching a meal off the toilet seat is repulsive.

Doing dishes, washing clothes, and bathing are critical. Who could tolerate constant stink? This lesson seems to be a lesson many bachelors and bachelorettes have not learned. Heaven help them when and if they get married. But, that is not this woman’s circus or concern.

Another example of “What’s the point?” is meticulous yard work while living in the country. Unless this writer wishes to wade through tall grass and weeds, she mows regularly. However, our daughter cannot understand the point of using the weedeater around trees, bushes, etcetera. Her mother’s response is simple. “It looks neater than allowing the grass and weeds free rein.”

“You live in the country!” daughter says raising her voice.

“You’re yelling.”

“No, I’m not. I’m simply emphasizing.”

We compromised. Her mother agreed to wait several mowing cycles before trimming the wayward grass and weeds around trees and bushes. When she cannot stand to look at the mess for another minute, mother grabs the weedeater and follows her aesthetic sensibilities. We did say compromise, not succumb to pressure.

Then one day, the lady looked out her kitchen window and frowned. She mowed the day before, but scattered throughout the yard were what appeared to be piles of hay. It turned out to be drying clumps of mown grass, which compelled her to rake up the mess and toss it over the fence for the cows, while her daughter’s voice echoes in her mind.

“Why bother? You live on a farm.”





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