Some say dreams are your subconscious stretching its muscles while you sleep. Others, who have more time on their hands than is healthy for them or anyone in their orbit, look for deeper meanings behind the visions our minds conjure.

The fear of falling dream is common. According to folks who have such dreams, if you do not wake up, you die. Since they were able to voice their opinion, they survived. Perhaps the reason for such apprehension, whether awake or sleeping, is the outcome would be painful and messy.

Another reason for insomniacs to stay awake. After all, who would want to go to sleep, knowing their dreams could kill them? Be honest, would you want your body broken, bleeding, and dead? We do not see any raised hands, so let us assume no one wants to go splat.

If you think about it, there is no difference between hitting a soft, hard, or wet surface. Falling from a relatively high point, such as a bridge or a rooftop is irrelevant. Regardless of the surface, the velocity and impact of the fall would kill you. And, it would hurt big time before you died. You could die of a heart attack due to absolute terror while you fall.

Sometimes dreams seem so real we act as if they were. Case in point, people who dream they have to go to the restroom. The dream can be so realistic. They see themselves getting out of bed and going to the bathroom. They lift the toilet cover and sit down. But when they release the pressure on their bladder, they find themselves in a wet bed.

A relative was a creative soul even in his sleep. He made the wrong turn on the way to the bathroom and ended up in a sibling’s bedroom. There was a box of stuff by the door, and that is where the sleeping fellow let nature take its course. The sibling was not amused.

No matter what the outcome, folks should not taunt the deep sleepers for being bed wetters. Instead, the embarrassed souls should receive a pat on the back for imaginative and realistic dreaming. But make them wash the sheets.

As we mentioned in a previous column, the relatively recent discovery of binge-watching by this lady had interesting consequences. Of course, she took it beyond what the average person may do and watched episodes far into the night.

The same was true with her binge-reading. Recently, she found a 14-book series she could not put down, finishing them in two days.

Whether it was binge-watching or binge-reading, her sleep cycle suffered. So much so, that the television series and the books she read entered her dreams regularly. That is, of course, when she finally fell asleep.

Two particular series piqued her interest, “The Green Arrow” and “Lucifer.” Quite a stretch of topics between the two, but they held her interest.

Sadly, Lucifer has a theme similar to what many male children experience—lack of attention and approval from the father. It is worth watching.

The Green Arrow is about righting wrongs, but it gets darker and darker with each episode. We cannot say whether it is fortunate or not, but this lady’s dreams involved the superhero rather than Satan.

In these dreams, she picks up a storyline and weaves a different ending. Or, she creates an entirely new tale. No matter which direction her dreams go, the stories are involved, with countless twists and turns, and stressful. Consequently, sleep is rarely restful.

The same is true with the books she reads. Perhaps it depends on the number of books in a series or a story simply captures her subconscious imagination and soars through the night. As is the case with the television series, she either rewrites it or takes a different approach and creates new and twisted endings. Again, she may be asleep, but restful sleep is not an option.

For example, after finishing a dragon shifter series, her dreams took a toasty turn. The shifter in his human form gets handsy, and the resulting emission burned his fingers. The EPA does not regulate such emissions.








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