No matter who you are, people do their best or worst by getting into your business.

The old-fashioned word for such people is busybodies. But that word does not clarify what such folks do. If you want to be precise, it is not their bodies that meddle in your life. Instead, it is their flapping lips that cause all the damage and pain.

A few other descriptive terms for buttinskis are snoop, pry, meddler, gossip, and blabbermouth. Yes, a snoop sticks their nose into your business whether you want them to or not. The same is true for someone who for the next two words in the list.

Of course, gossip and blabbermouth are practically twin sisters. Unfortunately, neither term describes a trustworthy person. Most of the time, people find it challenging to keep a secret, even when a friend or relative asked them to do so. Nothing is sacred because the world is full of gum-flappers,

Perhaps the best word is meddler because people who get into your business are intrusive. But, unfortunately, those loose lips can and often do end up hurting people.

As most of us have undoubtedly discovered, the people who cause the most pain are family members—the people who claim to love us, and ideally, they should.

Sometimes such careless behavior on the part of our loved ones is innocent. But, who knows what buttons to push better than a sibling or a dense spouse.

All too often, the worst offenders are parents. Just because they had some fun and gave us life, parents seem to think they know what is best for their children. The problem is those human bulldozers rarely ask what the child in their crosshairs wants.

This parental attitude was probably the case even with the first humans. If you doubt this, read the Old Testament or study parents’ behavior throughout history, particularly the ones with land, titles, and wealth.

All those arranged marriages to strengthen the power of two kingdoms by shackling their children to each other does not speak of caring parents. Sadly enough, such forced marriages happen to this day, especially between “civilized” but wealthy families.

Such old-money parents do not care about the happiness of their children when mergers via marriage can make them wealthier than they already are.

If you believe humans are the only ones on this planet who stick their noses or other body parts where they do not belong, think again. As it happens, the tiniest creatures are the most irritating and troublesome because they are wired to cause trouble.

This country-dwelling lady of the manor believes the award for the most intrusive behavior belongs to insects.

Aside from the fact that yucky bugs, like roaches, invade our homes without being invited is bad enough. But such impolite behavior forces the homeowner to hire Bug Busters, which is rarely an inexpensive prospect. 

Please follow this writer on a journey of some unpleasant experiences with the insect world.

Back in the dark ages of her early childhood, a bumblebee decided it would be entertaining to sting the child in the eye. Ouch.

While spending a fun day in the country with her fiance, this lady met an insidious enemy.

She rushed to the doctor, thinking she had contracted the measles. But, after the doctor stopped laughing, he told her all those itching red bumps were chigger bites. That was the first of many encounters throughout her life with noseeums that made her life miserable.

The problem is this woman loves gardening and other yard chores. The insects know this and wait for her next yard appearance with drooling stingers.

Insect repellants rarely work. Even a product called Skin So Soft is only moderately successful. If you slather it all over your body but miss the area where underwear fits snuggly against your torso, the critters enjoy a banquet, and the lady itches for days. You see, the initial bites are only the beginning bug-induced agony.

Sometimes noseeums get into the house, and you wake up with stealth bites.

But the worst bites manifest in the plumber’s cleavage, an inappropriate place to scratch.

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