There are countless examples attesting to the following fact: Humans make mistakes.

Did you just roll your eyes, dear readers? Smugness does not become astute folks such as yourselves. Or perhaps it does. In either case, we digress from the intended path.

As you may have noticed, some people are more inclined to make mistakes than others. Those of us cursed with the tendency to bumble through life are almost prepared for the next stumble. Almost.

Some blunders are due to how each person’s wiring works because crossed wires are opportunities to stumble. The stumbles can be literal or figurative, as in a mental hiccup.

Although this writer loves technology and the siren call of their possibilities, she still finds herself firmly planted in the universe’s non-techno savvy line. Many technical service folks have heard her frustrated exclamations along the lines of “I know the computer can do this, but I don’t know how to make it do so.” The “this” she refers to are actions or functions she envisions the gadget performing, but it is the how that has her baffled.

Yes. The woman had to ask one of her granddaughters how to send a text on the iPhone. Amidst giggles, the patient child worked with “Techno Granny until the woman managed to send a text.

The woman always insists on writing complete sentences, instead of the generally accepted shortcuts. And, when she resorts to the use of emojis, the recipient’s response is baffling.

For example, while texting back and forth with her daughter, she included a cute little brown emoji with big eyes. “Why did you send me a turd?” her daughter asked. “I didn’t. It is a cute little gnome,” Mom replied.

The telephone rang. “Mom that is clearly a pile,” her daughter explained between gales of laughter. “No. A cow patty doesn’t have swirls. It is round and flat,” Mom insisted promising to take a picture of one in the pasture and sending it to her.

A few days later, Mom sent the same emoji. “I studied the emoji, and it actually looks like a swirl of chocolate whipped cream.” The daughter is still laughing.

Several months ago, this writer ordered a compact laptop. When it arrived, she could not open it. She stopped short of using an ice pick to pry it open and called her IT friend instead.

“Show me,” the guy said when he arrived at her house. She did and then handed him the laptop. He flipped it over and opened it without missing a beat.

Fast forward to a few days ago; she decided to charge the laptop. But when she tried to turn it off, it refused to do so. After wasting time pushing the off button with no desired results, she called her trusty IT friend.

“Hi. This is your technologically inept friend. I have a stupid question.”


“How do I turn off the laptop.” He explained. Feel free to picture her embarrassed face.

But these are minor mishaps compared to the BIG ONE.

When a bill arrives, she immediately pays it. Most bills are easy to deal with because she pays them online through her bank. Easy peasy. You would think.

A couple of days after paying a bill, the bank sent a notification. Her account was empty. She logged on and confirmed that the account she used to pay bills was indeed empty, and started screaming.

Once she calmed down, she checked the account activity and realized the last bill she paid was not the intended $500. Somehow her happy fingers typed in an additional number five which made her payment $5,500.

A frantic call to the bank confirmed the payment had gone out, but they promised to resolve the problem in about a week. Once again, embarrassment sat on the goofy woman’s shoulders, as she explained what she had done. The customer service person chuckled as she tried to put the woman at ease by saying other people have made such mistakes, too.

Note to self: channel Santa and check every payment twice before pushing the submit button.





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