Have you noticed how often people speak but make no sense? A common genetic flaw. If they have nothing of substance to contribute to a discussion, they still feel the need to contribute. That is when they tend to spout nonsense.

If you doubt this, all you have to do (if you can stomach it) is watch cable news, any of them. No matter the topic, even if unsubstantiated, these folks willingly embarrass themselves by making statements pulled out of their posterior. Where else could they access and spout such unbelievable nonsense? Certainly not from their vacant cranial cavities.

We call such shameless no-nothings talking heads. But if we are to be precise, they are talking butts. Ever since the curse of 24/7 “news” made its debut, such programs and their hosts serve their vanities rather than informing the public about what happened on any given day.

Talking heads are a perfect moniker for the shameless blatherers because they pontificate on everything. In other words, do not confuse them with facts because they think they know everything. And when they do not, bluffing is an option.

But flapping lips unsubstantiated by actual knowledge and facts are everywhere.

For example, this writer came across the following Twitter barf: “Did you know that not a single episode of Star Trek is filmed in Space?” Perhaps the person meant it as a joke, and we sincerely hope they did. Nevertheless, based on what passes for random thoughts of the masses these days, we doubt it.

Since 24 hours is a lot of air time to fill, perhaps you noticed that everyone who appears before the ubiquitous cameras and microphones seems to believe their comments matter. They do not intend to invite ridicule but all too often do so.

On the one hand, one is free to spout whatever pops into your pointy little head, but a modicum of common sense would be nice. For example, when this country experienced a run on toilet tissue (pun intended), one geni-ass female from the entertainment industry appeared on a talk show. She suggested we all use a single sheet of toilet tissue per sitting. Either the woman owns a bidet or does not wipe her own posterior.

When people feel the weight of ignorance and fear the unknown, they tend to say the craziest things.

Since this writer’s family emigrated to America, it makes sense that the parents retained their Hungarian accents. Over time our father’s accent diminished. But our mother could pass for a recent immigrant whenever she spoke English.

During those early years in America, navigating life in an unfamiliar country was a challenge. That was particularly true when it came to dealing with clashes between their daughter and neighborhood children.

On one occasion, one of their daughter’s playmates threw a rock at her. It missed their female child and broke a living room window instead. When our mother tried to complain to the rock-throwing child’s parent, that mother responded with a non sequitur, “Why don’t you go back where you came from.”

Recently, a celebrity criticized the First Lady for her accent. Since the First Lady is Yugoslavian by birth and a first-generation American citizen, her accent should not be a surprise, even to uninformed celebrities. Just because someone has a microphone does not mean their synapses are fully functional before flapping their lips.

The sad reality of being human includes those dreaded moments when we neglect to engage the brain before spouting random thoughts.

A female politician on the House Committee on Science allegedly asked if the Mars Pathfinder took pictures of the American flag planted on Mars by Neil Armstrong. (FYI: Armstrong planted the flag on the Moon.)

During every presidential campaign, delusional celebrities believe their opinions matter and flap their lips accordingly. “If (fill in a name) wins, I’m renouncing my citizenship and leaving this country.”

And yet, after the elections are over, they are still here.


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