Gadgets are supposed to be a blessing. Their creators promise that your life will be easier if you buy their latest gizmo.

There is a downside to jumping on the bandwagon of owning the latest and most amazing electronic offering. For some, the drive to hold the most recent version of the iPhone or other forms of any electronic crack is irresistible. You could say that in the 44 years of its existence, Apple created a horde of Apple-heads, that’s the “got to have the latest Apple product” kind of crack.

But some of us can barely use a rotary dial phone, not to mention an iPhone. For those who lived through reel to reel tape recorders, boom boxes, transistor radios, 8-track tapes, and countless other electronic marvels, owning the latest version of a handheld computer is still not a priority.

With all the goodies, also known as Apps, on any given iPhone, heaven help anyone who wants to make a phone call. Forget about texting, instant messaging, Snapchat, or other useless wastes of precious time. This lady is never going to be ready for something called the Jitterbug when, and if she ever gets so old, she might need one.

Of course, that does not mean she is immune to the siren call of amazing gadgets. As Hubby could attest over and over again, his wife craved to own those shiny and wondrous things even though she had trouble figuring them out.

Her fascination was contagious. Whenever Hubby’s wife brought home yet another miraculous object, more often than not, he was the first to use it. What can we say, they believed in the what is mine is yours and conversely, what is yours is mine concept.

Now that Hubby is gone, there is no one to bicker with over who will be the first to try out the latest marvel the wife bought. Consequently, there is no one around to help her figure out how to use those time-saving gadgets.

Let us consider two examples. Years ago, this lady purchased a handy dandy peeler and corer, which promised to make peeling apples and pears a breeze. That assumption would be correct if the proud owner of the peeler could figure out how to use it.

For years, is sat in a cabinet waiting for her to experience fruit peeling bliss. With her pear tree laden with pears, the gadget’s lucky day finally arrived. Following several attempts to use the peeler, our frustrated lady tried the instruction on YouTube. Of course, the demonstrator made the entire process look easy. And yet, the pears remained unpeeled because translating video instructions to real life was not happening.

So, the tree remains covered with pears, and the peeling gadget resides in another cabinet. It will probably remain hidden and unused long after our lady moves on to an alternate universe where gadget-frustration does not exist. At least, she hopes not.

While traveling in Costa Rica, this writer discovered two electronic marvels. One was a Bose Soundlink Mini, which amplified music on the cell phone. The other was something called a Jump Starter and Portable Power Bank and Wireless Charger. She purchases both items soon after arriving back home.

The Bose Mini became the source of yet another frustration. No matter how carefully she read and followed the instructions, all she managed to hear was Russian or some other Slavic radio broadcast. Even she knew the difference between music on Spotify and foreign radio. As you might have guessed, the Mini now sits gathering dust on a shelf. Sometimes you can hear the lady’s annoyed growl when she sees it.

Although our lady remains fascinated by the latest and greatest marvels available, the Jump Starter she bought nearly a year or more ago is still in the box. If it were a sentient being, it must feel neglected and useless. It might even hold out hope that the lady will eventually overcome her fears, open up the box, and try to figure out how to use the wondrous item.

For now, it too gathers dust.


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