Did anyone suspect the far-reaching, destructive, and brain numbing consequences of the politically correct agenda? Probably not, because we are a duct tape society, applying band-aids when radical surgery is required.

There was a time when parents taught their children manners and smoothed the rough edges of youth with a bit of training in basic etiquette. But then the affluent bug swept the land, and parental attention became distracted. Once children did their nine month time in the womb and popped forth, they became knickknacks. In some cases, they are considered accessories in the same way as are bracelets and earrings.

The only difference between children and the dust catching figurines on the shelf is that children walk, talk, eat, and demand attention. While parents care about their little replacements to varying degrees, the task of civilizing the little urchins was left to schools, babysitters, and other parental substitutes.

As a method of controlling the children in their care, schools and other reluctant civilizers of the mini humans handled every normal behavioral event with more and more twisted rules. One reason was ineptitude. Also, the powers that be feared the increasingly litigious helicopter parents’ wrath.

Helicopter relatives often react out of guilt. They swoop in whenever the fruits of their looms complain about the unfairness of life. Consequently, the process of coddling the urchins instead of civilizing them resulted in misguided geniass attempts to level the field.

No more trophies for the winning team. Such twisted thinking resulted in the advent of the participation trophies which darken the skies of potential and the drive to excel. In some schools, grades that determined the students’ progress as well as the honor of valedictorian recognitions went the way of the Dodo. In order to cocoon the itty bitty feelings of even the most microscopically relevant creatures, rampant mediocrity now rules the land.

Since humans are supposed to be the rational members of the animal kingdom, it is disturbing how easily they succumbed to the siren song of mediocrity. Instead of unleashing civilized children into the world, the public schools perpetrated the cookie cutter robotization of the youth. They are now known as the politically correct generation.

A critical side effect of political correctness is that the spirit of creativity and spontaneity is on the decline. Rousing debates on politics or other meaty issues in the workplace or even among friends cannot occur because someone’s feelings might be hurt. Just because you are unable to state your opinion in a clear manner, and your backup arguments go down in embarrassing flames is no reason to cower behind political correctness.

It is time to fight back with the stealthy sword of sarcasm also known as humor with a touch of venom. There is a reason that you can make snarky comments or observations with humor. Humor makes the medicine of honesty more palatable. Try to scowl and laugh at the same time. Only a dedicated grouch can come close to making that happen. For the rest of us mere mortals, it is almost impossible to do.

Whenever people ignore rational arguments, turn to the wordsmith’s Handy Book of Retorts known as the Thesaurus.  It is chock full of synonyms or words substitutes. Ideal for those occasions when you cannot think of the perfect word to make a point. Consider it one of those For Dummy books. Perhaps we could call it The Expanded Vocabulary for Dummies.

No matter what the situation may be, feel confident in striking one blow after another against the tyranny of political correctness with humor and big words. Remember, if they have to pause and pull up a dictionary on their iPhones to figure out what you said, the game is over.

Launch a volley of euphemisms and gauge your opponent’s worthiness in the battle of wits and words. It is an entertaining way to spar with the lumbering pachyderm mentality of those who wear the uneasy PC cloak.

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