Not everyone is born handsome or beautiful. There are various levels of attractiveness as is the case with its absence.

More than one mother has told her child. “There is more to a person than external beauty.” Those same caring mothers also went on to say something along the lines of: “Inner beauty will shine through;” “You have an amazing singing voice;” “You are a talented artist;” “You are a star athlete.” Then there is the unkindest consolation of all because it instills hope when reality says otherwise: “You are just a late bloomer.”

What lovely sentiments uttered by parents floundering to make their children feel better about themselves. But, do any of the empty words ever console an angst-filled teenage boy or girl? Probably not. Everyone wants to be attractive, especially hormonal teenagers.

So, when the youngsters grow up with no evidence of late blooming beauty on the horizon, dreams of becoming movie stars or models tend to change. Although, some outstanding actors and actresses are nowhere near drop-dead gorgeous and still managed to thrive because of talent.

What happens to those blessed with faces only a mother could love? They rule the world or yearn to do so. That is how they compensate for what they do not possess. In fact, most world leaders do not pass the beauty pageant test.

If you doubt this, all you had to do was watch the recent State of the Union Speech. No late bloomers in the beauty department existed in that crowd of politicians. As the camera panned the so-called leaders of our country, for a moment, we thought we were watching an episode of Zombie Apocalypse. What do the joint members of Congress have in common with zombies, you ask?

The answer, dear reader, is twofold.

Politicians and zombies are hostile to human life as we know it and engage in covert and overt assaults on our way of life. And, neither group is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

If people had expiration date stamps, for the most part, members of Congress would not make it to the quick sale bin in a grocery store. They are droopy-jowled and drooling politicians who do not look much better at the latter stages of their lives than they did millennia ago when they were first elected. We cannot help but wonder if a motor pool of ambulances were on standby just in case some of the folks required resuscitation.

Other successful folks also missed out on the external beauty gene pool. Have you ever heard the term a “face made for radio”? If not, consider this. Some voices on the radio, in particular, male voices, sound like rumbling gods. As we listen, we are sure they are handsome beyond belief and mobbed by panting females when they appear in public. And that is why they hide behind a radio microphone.

Have you ever met any of those radio gods? It is enough to make one punch a saint for the grand deception perpetrated by those toe-curling voices. Many are not in the best physical shape, partly because they spend hours on the air sitting and munching on whatever bad-for-them-food is at hand.

But then, radio voices are merely a small sampling of the rest of us not so beautiful people. And yet, there is compensation in the form of unbelievable talent. It may be in medicine, in music, or a myriad other more important things than external appearance. It may be in the form of genius able to help mankind achieve great things.

Just look at Albert Einstein, J. Robert Oppenheimer (the father of the atomic bomb), Louis Pasteur or Sigmund Freud. None of these men were attractive, but their contributions in mathematics, science, medicine, and psychoanalysis go beyond physical attractiveness. They were beautiful minds.

Mothers are heard telling their children “you may not be beautiful, but you have a beautiful smile.”

A beautiful smile and a brilliant mind might be a fair trade-off. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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