Have you ever wondered if time always passes at the same rate of speed?

Before you answer, take a moment to consider the possibilities. How often have you complained your workday crawled at a pace a snail could lap several times before 5 o’clock arrived?

Time seems to move at different speeds for each of us, depending on a given situation.

Students at all levels of education have similar complaints. There are days everything seems to move in slow motion while other days fly. What is the difference?  If there is a set 24 hours in any given day, how can the passage of those hours differ in speed?

Before they begin the 12-year or longer educational slog, toddlers see their big sisters and brothers go off to school every day. Naturally, the young ones feel left behind. They feel trapped at home with nothing to do but cause mischief and drive their mothers to distraction until the siblings return.

Once they jump on the scholastic treadmill, the little tots will discover their days in school will seem to go on forever as well. For example, school children’s little stomachs growl, and they wonder how long they have to suffer until lunch. Of course, high school students, the bottomless pits most folks call teenagers, are always rumbling to be fed.

Not only can any given day vary in length, but more often than not certain triggers can cause this phenomenon to pop up without warning.

For example, if you go to work tired, the one thought you drag along like an albatross around your neck “Is it time to go home yet?” Consequently, the 8-hour workday will feel interminably long. If you walk in, turn on your computer and are too busy to watch the clock, in seemingly the blink of an eye it is indeed time to leave the hallowed halls of labor, slide down the banister instead of taking the elevator, and skip to your car with boundless excitement.  (Please note: if an employee of a corporation acted as just described, the likelihood of stylish strait-jacket attire and living in padded cells could be in their future.)

When young children have an off-day, they share the load with Mom. Is it any wonder, harried mothers ask the gods if things will ever get any better? Then they blink and those sweet, demanding, and exhausting babies are grown and going off to college. Subsequently, the question tearful parents ask “Where did the time go?”

Love and marriage are good examples of the inconsistency of time. We roam the paths of our lives alone or with temporary partners, but then out of left field, so to speak, our destiny comes barreling toward us. No matter the length of time spent together, a mismatch will seem like eternal Hell. But if the match is good, then time speeds up.

It took us two “collisions” before things clicked.

While attending the University of Oklahoma, I worked in one of the offices with a lovely lady who introduced me to a guy she knew.

Collision #1: Accordingly to him, this introduction did not catch his interest because my hair was past my waist and I gained some weight during a summer job. “You looked like a Hippie.”

Collision #2: A few months later (slimmer with short hair), I dropped in to visit my brother at his soda fountain job in a local pharmacy.  This time, Potential Hubby noticed and asked about me. That evening he called and invited me for a coke date. Two weeks after our second date we were engaged.

I was thrilled to discover he was nothing like my demanding father. Hubby did not want to be my lord and master. I did not have to wait on him hand and foot. Hubby is a true and loving helpmate. Our years together have been filled with lots of love, laughter, and spice (after all, I am a Hungarian).

What did do to deserve this amazing man? I call him the first Baptist Saint for putting up with me and my quirks. Then, we blinked. On June 24th, we celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. Where did the time go?

Happy Anniversary, my love, and here’s to 50 more!

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