Breaking news the first day of the San Fermin Fiestas during the first of the bull runs, only four injured. The good news the injuries were not life-threatening, and no one was gored, yet.

In case you were better occupied, the 2016 San Fermin Fiestas in Pamplona, Spain began this week. An integral part of the 8-day festivals is the daily eight a.m. bull runs along a 930-yard course on narrow streets from the holding pen to the Pamplona bullring.

What began as the herding of the bulls to the bullring has morphed into the annual exhibition best described as folks behaving stupidly.  Before long, people, mostly males, determined that the bull runs was the perfect way to test their manliness and courage. But what they achieved and continued to demonstrate is a lack of brain cells.

Guys engaging in the bull runs like to think of themselves as macho or manly.

The code of machismo, also known as the delusional and exaggerated sense of manliness, assumes the male in question is virile, courageous, strong, and therefore is entitled to dominate the weak. In other words, he is a male chauvinist porker.

Before we proceed with our discourse and in the interest of full disclosure, please note this writer tends to be on the side of males. The exception to the previous statement is when their behavior is a result of the machismo syndrome which afflicts countless males in all countries and all walks of life. The reason behind this choice being that this writer is fed up with the frequent female attitude of let’s-make-males-the-punching-bags-for-everything-wrong-in-our-life-and-in-the-world.

Neither gender is completely guilty nor totally innocent in the cuckoo reality of life which we deal with on a daily basis. The reason behind such female anti-male sentiment is because men have held the power far longer than women. Consequently, whenever an oppressed group gains power, it tends to be vindictive and bitchy rather than rational.

In truth, when women have power, they make colossal mistakes just like the males. However, since there are more females than males it is easier to blame and ridicule male behavior than to look in the mirror and see the reality of things.

Case in point, those who participate in the often deadly bull runs or the equally lethal Japanese log ride in Sawa City, Japan are not exemplifying manliness. A sane person knows if you get in front of bulls with pointy horns or ride a ginormous log downhill and slip off, you will be gored or flattened. In either case, the outcome can be terminal. So, how does that prove anything? When you are dead, the game is over.

A few examples of female self-destructive and often recurring behavior come to mind, including making not only poor but sometimes fatal choices when it comes to mates or companions. Rockstar and sports groupies may find it thrilling to bed as many dudes as physically possible, but at some point, a surprise pregnancy may mess up their “perfect” bodies or one of the countless STDs will be in their future.

Life is about choices as well as surprises. If people behave in a reckless manner, they should expect the consequences. It would be entertaining, if the surprises were not so final, is that the last moment of clarity is often one of surprise. What we like to refer to as the “Duh!” moment.

Returning to the concept of machismo, we have to wonder what guys afflicted with that syndrome think. Is it macho to belittle or beat women and children? What is so manly about frequently impregnating their women or lots of women? What is macho about sitting around while your woman cares for your children, works to put food on the table and a roof over your head?

Spewing sperm is not a special talent. Any fully functioning male dog can impregnate a female dog. A real man puts his family first and himself second.

Oops! Unselfishness is not acceptable in the PC agenda.






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