Do people with hyperactive imaginations ever manage to relax and sleep?

How you view your energetic brain condition will depend on the amount of rest you require. Medical professionals drum the importance of sleep into us from the moment of our hatching. Sleep is necessary for good health. However, some folks wake up before their alarms explode into the blissful silence of the bedroom. Does that mean all early risers are sick? Do not answer that!

What about people who go to bed late as in midnight and wake up early? Do they dislike going to sleep because they might miss something, or does sleep elude them for other reasons? Of course, the answer could be as simple as their body clocks tick to a different ticker unlike the rest of the population. Perhaps they are sleep rebels. Or, they are under siege by their brains.

In either case, when your head hits the pillow ideas and thoughts of major and minor importance flash in your mind like Fourth of July fireworks. There is an almost Pavlovian response. Your head touches the pillow and every thought you suppressed or ignored during the day come roaring to the forefront of your mind demanding your undivided attention.

For example, put your head on your pillow and sigh, hoping sleep comes soon. Then an irrelevant question pops into your head. Why do people close business letters and emails with Very Truly Yours, Sincerely or Cordially? Do they expect the recipient to believe the writer is offering himself or herself to the reader? Does the writer harbor a secret need to belong to the recipient? Probably not. But why does this specific question suddenly demand your sleep-deprived attention? Because it can.

As you attempt to stifle one question, another thought fills the void. Suddenly, you are mentally shuffling through random thoughts that were not tenacious enough during the day to get your full attention when the brain was fully engaged.

Names of businesses can be entertaining while one is sitting in the car hatching an egg or boiling the brain during rush hour traffic. Why does your exhausted mind care to dredge them up now? Well, the brain is a mysterious gray blob that likes puzzles, but not at the precise moment before falling asleep.

All right, we might as well play along.

Wet Willie’s Sprinklers is the name of the company on a passing truck, which led some folks down a side road of memory lane. The tale was told about one of our nephews when he was in first grade. The star of this tale could be any young male urchin. It seems the nephew and several classmates were caught target practicing in the grade school restroom. It turned out to be a hit-n-miss event.

A popular California company has a name which conjures a variety of images. The restaurant is In-N-Out Burger. We assume they are implying a quick turnaround in the harried process of buying sustenance. But wait! This company is in California. Consequently, some minds may think about the natural process babies have perfected, eat and eliminate. Or perhaps some ladies are reminded of the performance of speedy spouses. Who knows?

Outside of Austin, Texas is a renowned barbecue restaurant, The Salt Lick. The aroma of the cooking meats is close to heavenly. But, a salt lick is a block of salt ranchers leave in the pasture for their cattle. The restaurant is a better choice for a good meal.

As you can see, there is no rhyme or reason for the invading thoughts at the point of sleep. Nevertheless, they thrive and invade our minds on a nightly basis.

The battle cry of the overactive thought folks could be. “Hush! Get out of my head! I am trying to sleep.”

Do those random thoughts care? Nope.

Pleasant dreams, if you can manage it.


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