Some people claim that if you are married long enough, you start to resemble each other in appearance and personalities. There are those who believe the same thing can happen with people and their pets.

More than likely in the case of the latter, the resemblance is not necessarily a matter of proximity but rather the unconscious gravitation toward a pet whose temperament and appearance reflect our own. If you doubt this, take a few minutes and go to Google Images. Type in “People and their pets.” Then sit back and prepare to chuckle. On second thought, you might want to set aside more than just a minute or two for such enlightening and entertaining research.

When it comes to marriage, the belief that opposites attract happens more often than not. If you are too much alike, your life together could be a sluggish existence. All you have to do is look around at couples who merely exist on parallel tracks compare them to couples who enjoy life together.

In our case, Hubby is quiet. He listens and observes, which allows him to discover things about people they may not know about themselves. He is my leveler. I, on the other hand, can be mercurial and temperamental. Hubby is a Leo and exudes calm, while his Water Sign, Hungarian born wife adds the spice to the equation.

Folks born under the water signs of the Zodiac are artistic and sensitive to the emotions of those around them. Empathetic is one way to describe them. Life can be difficult when one is an empath. It is fortunate that Hubby has the ability to calm his wife when the negative waves emitted by others become overwhelming.

One of the essential and enduring elements the merger of these two souls brought to their life together is a wicked and warped sense of humor. Although at times the warped may stray over that imaginary line of propriety, but only in the minds of those who possess an inordinately constricted posterior.

Readers of this column have probably noticed sarcasm and euphemisms comprise a large part of this writer’s sense of humor.

On the other hand, Hubby’s comments may cause the listener to pause and reflect on what he said before being hit with the full effect of his warped wit.

For example, when trying to merge into traffic that is as tight as a Slinky with little room to maneuver, Hubby does not state the obvious: “Traffic is heavy today.” Oh, no. His mind meanders down an alternate path. “Somebody left the gate open, again.”

If the weather forecast included rain, but the skies only deliver sporadic drops, Hubby says, “We got 6-inches of rain.” Should you disagree, he will elaborate. “The drops were 6-inches apart.”

Since we have plenty of room, several heads of cattle — calves, cows, a bull, along with a donkey couple — moved in. The deliveries took several days. But they all arrived in cattle trailers pulled by sturdy trucks.

Hubby is a curious soul and hurried outside to watch the arrival and the unloading process with the eagerness of the inner boy still lurking inside his adult body. The difference between how a boy would act and Hubby is he had sense enough to stay out of the way. Thank goodness, Hubby decided to watch the process from a safe distance when the longhorn cow with her 8-foot spread horns daintily stepped out of the trailer.

Later, he inspected the trailer, and the truck then turned to the driver. “You are driving a female truck,” Hubby stated.

“What? No! No! That is a RAM truck,” the appalled young man exclaimed, drawing himself up out of his slouched stance to stand tall and proud beside his pride and joy.

“No. I’m right. Don’t you see the Fallopian Tubes on either side and the “V” of the birth canal?” Hubby asked tracing the curves and center of the truck’s symbol.

The young man gaped at Hubby and blinked a couple of times. Then he got in his RAM truck without a word a drove away.

It must be difficult for a macho guy to realize he is driving a female truck.

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