Trust, like Love, is a chameleon-like emotion. It can be resilient enough to weather any problem or fragile and shatter like an Irish Belleek teacup.

Call this writer whimsical, if you will, when she envisions the word Trust as Janus, the Two-Faced god.

There is a reason why you often hear people caution each other: Never do business with family or friends. And yet, after all the times this adage has proven to be accurate, you would think people would learn from others’ mistakes.

But no. The ties of familial love and friendship love have are too strong. But we always think our situation is unique. We blunder forward with naïve optimism, only to discover the truth behind the old caution. And then, too late, we see Janus laughing at us in the rearview mirror.

Perhaps you need convincing. So, let’s consider a few examples of the many facets of trust.

Trust between a couple means they will be faithful to their commitment to one another forever. Or until one of them slides down the road of good intentions into another person’s special place. Unfortunately, cheating on someone you supposedly care about, usually with your significant other’s best friend, happens. Such antics are the stuff of heartbreak both in real life and in romance novels.

Perhaps that is one reason this lady enjoys shifter novels. Once a shifter finds his One True Mate, there is no one else for them. Of course, this does not mean such books are angst-free. After all, misunderstandings and grave peril to their loved ones is the stuff of shifter romances. Of course, it helps that all shifter males are hot, hunky, and …

Curiously, the fact that paranormal males are attractive is acceptable to this reader. And yet, all those billionaire romance novels touting “gorgeous” rich guys is annoying. Why?

Because if you look around, most rich guys are either old and shriveled all over or relatively young à la Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. Give this woman a dragon shifter any day over rich, bald, and zero muscle toned guys.

Even reasonably attractive guys, while they are young, do not age well. If you doubt this, look at some of the wealthy royal males. And do not even bother to check out Prince Charles, young or old.

But we digress. Let’s get back to types of trust.

There must be trust in a young child’s heart for many reasons. He trusts his parents will love and care for him. Or that the person teaching him to ride a bicycle while he learns to balance and pedal will be there to steady the bike if necessary.

All too often, the trust people break the most often are with their children.

When folks eat at a restaurant, they trust the waiter delivers the food without unsavory additions even if the customer made him angry.

There is an area of human interaction that is clear. If we treat people politely and not as our lackeys who merely exist to serve us, then they, in turn, will usually respond in the same manner.

Sadly, women who have been burned by husbands or lovers have difficulty treating men kindly. Of course, the converse is true as well. Ill-treatment of others is rarely gender-specific.

Once there were two brothers. One brother opened a small business. His parents loaned him the money they intended the brothers to split as part of their estate. Their mother frequently reminded the business owner of that fact.

The other brother promised to help ready the store for the impending opening, which included making the store sign. Weeks passed, but the sign was still not prepared. When the business owner asked his brother about the delay, “I’m trying to figure out the easiest way to make it,” was the brother’s reply. The store had to open without the necessary signage.

And yet, years later, when the owner sold the business, his brother wasted no time asking for his share.

Perhaps it would have been better to hire someone. After all, you cannot fire a sibling. But at times, you wish you could.

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