A society that prides itself on non-commitment is willing to jump in and share their most private thoughts and information with strangers?

Take females, for example. You get two or more of them together, and they become shameless magpies. For some inexplicable reason, they feel the need to comment and pass judgment on people, especially other women. Come to think of it; they spill their most personal, blow-by-blow intimate moments without so much as a blush.

Some immature and insecure guys may kiss and tell, and perhaps indulge in a bit of exaggeration. But even they do not go into the excruciating detail women manage to dole out on a daily basis.

We cannot guess at your thoughts and desires, but if you willingly share information concerning your intimate moments with another human being other than your loved one, what does that say about your ability to keep secrets? Why not sell tickets and give each voyeur a survey checklist to rate the performance and entertainment value of the participants?

Did you know there are specific places people go to unabashedly “let down their hair”? For guys, the site is a barbershop. Ladies prefer making public pronouncements and confessions in the beauty shop.

Under the guidance of the barber, sports or rousing political discussions will flow with a certain gentility. Why? You do not want to upset the man with a razor near your throat. Or, he could retaliate with a haircut that can only be salvaged by a complete head shave. Keep in mind. Not all men look sexy with a bald pate.

Females are not only adept but quite inclined to disseminate in-depth tales of their and their families lives. In fact, if you want to hear the uncensored and politically incorrect monologues delivered with teeth-gnashing precision; then the beauty shop is the place to hang out. Just remember, beauty shop talk is not for the faint of heart.

One memorable beauty shop visit enlightened this writer about Brazilian waxing. After hearing the gory details, waterboarding sounds sublime.

“I finally did it,” exclaimed the 60 plus seasoned female as she sat down in the beautician’s chair.

“What did you do?”

“I had a Brazilian wax.”

“We have been friends for a long time, Mary. Why on earth would you do such a thing at your age? I hope you don’t plan to wear a bikini with that wax job.”

“No, bikini for me. I’m more of a Pillsbury Dough Girl than a bikini model. I was curious. Besides, it was on my Bucket List.”

“Seriously? Having hot wax poured on you and then hair ripped off your body was on your Bucket List!”

“Aw, Helen. Give me a break. I can’t cross my legs without pain. I can’t walk without mimicking a lumbering bear. It was a first and last experience,” Mary said with a rueful grin.

On a more recent beauty shop visit, my ears perked up when a crotchety woman said, “I feel bad for people who have to raise their grandkids. I’m glad I don’t.”

But in the next breath, she started telling the hairdresser about her daughter and kids living with her. Never heard whether the daughter was divorced or a widow.

“I keep telling my daughter if you don’t put yourself out there, you’ll never meet anyone. She stays in the house all the time. The only time she goes out is with the kids. I told her she would never meet a guy if she doesn’t try. She won’t even use any of the online dating services.”

Then the woman mumbled something that sounded like, “I guess she will live with me until I die.”

What a charming martyr.

Did you know beauticians take psychology classes? With all the things they hear, perhaps they ought to go for a doctorate in psychology.

After listening to true confessions á la beauty shop version, one cannot help several subtle eye rolls. Perhaps more shops should serve mimosas, not only to the patrons but the beauticians as well.








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