It is invisible. It goes around corners and fills entire floors. There is no escaping the scent bomb.

“Help! My nose hairs are under attack.”

This could be the universal cry of those whose co-workers bathe in cologne several times a day; are forced to ride elevators or attend prolonged meetings in enclosed places. Imagine the horror of an elevator ride in the 200-story Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Aside from getting an altitude induced nosebleed, your stomach may be roiling from the blend of overpowering smells.

Do you think your sense of smell is safer by walking the stairs rather than riding the elevator? You may be wrong because even the stair climbers’ nostrils are under attack when they follow in the wake of a scent-bomber.

What is your nostril zapper preference?

How do you wish to experience fragrances men and women wear? Did you choose strong stench also known as strong perfume? If so, perhaps your olfactory nerve is defective. Such nasal malfunctions may be due to over-exposure to a mixed fragrance fog — a mingling and explosion of fragrance and other odor bombs.

It is possible that the use of one scent to mask another less than pleasing smell can backfire. People stop at your desk, but their cologne permeates the area and lingers long after their departure. Solution: spray the air with Lysol. Wrong! The combination of the cloying perfume and the Lysol made the area uninhabitable for nearly thirty minutes.

We queried a number of people, male and female, on the subject of fragrances. Most prefer no perfumes or colognes but would tolerate a very light scent. Light scent implies that one had to be in close proximity of another person (almost snuggling) to detect a fragrance. No one admitted liking the heavy scent-to-stench perfumes and colognes worn by both sexes.

Judging by the folks who take a dive into their fragrance of choice each morning, we are sorely tempted to share one of the synonyms for perfume, toilet water. In truth, some perfumes have such an astringent smell that they remind us of industrial cleaning solutions. Such strong scents are capable of making our nose hairs stand at attention.

Military folks are forbidden to wear fragrances of any kind, due in part to the fact that many people are allergic to them. Besides, if folks wear cologne while crawling around under barbed wire they could attract critters of the biting variety. In which case, you would be filthy and covered in insect bites. Not a very attractive or pleasant prospect.

Men and women alike think if they douse themselves in a scent no one will notice the odor they are trying to mask. For example, people sweat when they are active.  However, some Lana Looney proclaimed women do not sweat, they glisten. Well, whether you are dripping wet or shiny wet, you are sweating. Get over the euphemisms and call it what it is, lady.

Some guys just go with the natural aroma and do not care a whit about covering up the scent of BO with something so overpowering that people back away when the doused ones approach.

Ladies who smoke also make the mistake of drenching themselves with a scent hoping no one notices the smoke smell. It is time to clue in the camouflaging dudes and dudettes. We not only smell the underlying body odor, but also the burnt tobacco smell.

One female employee used a particularly strong perfume to cover up her smoking scent. The smell not only filled the entire section of our building, but it went around the corners for maximum coverage.

If people comment on your perfume when they pass your desk, you are wearing too much product. If people walk by you and they pass out from you “heavenly” scent you are endangering the nose hairs of everyone within smelling distance of your body.

The rule is probably the same for using fragrances as it is with body odor. If you can smell yourself, take a shower.

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