Let’s be frank. Human beings are a vengeful lot. They are emotional and strike back in the heat of the moment. Few have learned that “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Whether we admit it or not, each of us possesses both a light and dark side. But in most cases, one or the other is in control. Very few people find total balance and manage to maintain that balance. Consequently, our lives are a continuous roller coaster ride.

Shall we start at the beginning and revisit the famous pastoral couple — Adam and Eve? Since there is no stated timeline between the creation of Eve and the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, we will make certain assumptions regarding their relationship.

Considering the fig leaf maneuver after their expulsion from Eden, it is safe to assume that clothing was optional. We can also assume the couple figured out ways to entertain themselves. This activity is known as connubial bliss.

In light of our assumptions, the question inquiring and twisted minds want to know is a simple but practical one. Why didn’t First Lady, Eve, get pregnant while they were in Eden? If we follow this thought to its natural conclusion, are pregnancy and the resulting children part of mankind’s endless punishment for the First Couple’s original sin of disobedience?

Do not condemn the idea of divine revenge without further contemplation. After all, we are told God created man in his image, and God’s wrath is legendary. The question is logical and folks are dying of curiosity. But avoidance of touchy topics is rampant among supposedly intelligent and rational folk. But, they would ask if they dared.

Let’s consider Cain and Abel. Abel was the golden boy, doted on not only by their parents but also God. Guess what? Cain was angry and jealous. His solution was to retaliate against the only one he felt safe hurting. Cain killed Abel. This murder was probably the first example of what happens when one does not attend anger management classes.

What do people with revenge in their hearts desire? They want to strike back at perceived wrongs, real or imagined. If people who decide to act on their vengeful tendencies would take a moment or longer to consider the result, perhaps they could find less destructive ways to satisfy their vengeful side.

When one takes irrevocable and lethal action, the revenge he or she seeks will not satisfy their dark side as they had hoped. Also, they will reap unpleasant consequences. Was the thought in the back of their mind something along the lines of “I’ll show him or her or them”? Usually, such behavior is an emotional lashing out at the person who they believe is the architect of their misery. But misery comes from within.

Traffic is a perfect example of irrational behavior, retaliation, and sometimes presents a moment of satisfaction to second or third party observers.

Reckless drivers are juvenile and often cause accidents. But some merely annoy and entertain. Me first folks abhor driving behind anyone. Whether they like it or not being behind someone is ongoing and part of the human condition.

Such impatient drivers will tailgate and pass everyone, but payback is imminent. They may succeed in passing one or more cars, but the ubiquitous traffic lights level the playing field. The folks the jerk passes to attain his or her number one position will smile when said jerk is forced to stop at the stop light.

Neighbors can be vengeful. We had an aggressive, nasty neighbor I named the spawn of Satan. When he moved, he rented his house to a non-Caucasian family.

His intention to upset us backfired. Just because he harbored prejudice in his heart, did not mean we did. The new neighbors were outstanding and delightful people. They kept the yard in immaculate condition. But while they lived next door, they never paid rent.

See, revenge or payback can sometimes be benign yet satisfying. In fact, in may temporarily perk up our dark side.


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