What if you invent or enhance something intended to make an existing staple better?

It is a confusing situation for many because, at this time in our history, people have an affliction many did not recognize until it was almost too late, addiction to something called social media.

The people who tried to sound the alarm were the very ones who created what they thought was harmless and fun. Those seemingly benign inventions or tweaks were merely leaps in technology. But the fun invention turned into a monster that sucked the life out of far too many people.

But not everyone had the infection. Countless and alarmed people battle against the crippling technology-created disease. The battle continues. Frequently, the crusaders for preserving humanity’s very essence bear the brunt of ridicule from even family and friends.

A fascinating Netflix documentary called “Social Dilemma” set this writer on a course to write this column. Let’s be frank. She hopes enough people watch the documentary and feel the urgency of the men from the technological world to change things before it is too late.

The documentary explained how simple changes and additions such as the Like button and its related variations had hurt people with devastating consequences. One such group includes young girls who already face self-esteem issues, whether internal or because of cyberbullying.

According to an online article: “A little over 14% of high school students consider suicide and approximately 7% of them attempt suicide… A study in Britain found that at least half of suicides among young people are related to bullying.”

Bullies have always existed, but social media has raised that loathsome behavior to a new dangerous level. Far too many people ignore it until it is too late.

No matter how much people turn a blind eye to the behavior of insecure children and even adults, many have always been aware of the far-reaching danger caused by social media to the very fabric of society, particularly the family unit.

It is almost ironic that the very people who nurtured social media to its current level are finally seeing the monster they helped create and perpetuate. Were it not for the damage already caused. The current situation might almost be humorous. There is a correlation between reality and the creator’s remorse.

Throughout history and literature, there are countless examples of the constant push and pull between intentions and consequences.

Consider the box given to Pandora for safe-keeping. The gods filled it with harmful things and told her not to open it, ever. She was not wicked. But like most curious females, she had to know what was in the box. She planned on taking a quick peek, but plagues, sorrow, and every kind of mischief to hurt mankind escaped. Although there was no way to stuff it all back in the box, there was one good thing inside. Hope. Humanity’s sole comfort.

What if Doctor Frankenstein created his patchwork quilt of a creature we know a Frankenstein’s monster and then realized his mistake. Imagine him at a press conference and calling for the pitchfork-carrying peasants’ aid to rid the world of his creation.

Let’s not forget a few historical boo-boos like the birth of Stalin and Hitler. Or the creation and deployment of the Atomic bomb.

There is no way to go back in time and stuff the two dictators back to the point the sperms collided with the eggs, thus undoing their conception and birth. Following the explosion, it was too late to stuff the bomb into a hermetically sealed container and hide it in some dusty attic.

The same goes for natural disasters like the eruption of Mount Vesuvius or Krakatoa. There is no asbestos glove or special shovel in existence we could use to stuff the lava back into the volcanos and cover the bubbling magma with enough ice cubes to keep it chilled and contained.

A young woman may choose to give up her virginity to a pimply and eager athlete. Yes. Times have changed. What if she is a royal, expected to be a virgin bride? No super glue can mend that premature tear.

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