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Elizabeth Cowan

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  • Get It Done - What if you do not feel like doing something, but it must get done? Some people prefer to tackle tasks and finish them in a timely fashion. Others take their time and embark on a side trip of procrastination. Organized people follow the compulsion to prioritize projects based on the level of difficulty, nastiness and […]
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About Elizabeth Cowan


My general philosophy of life:

Humor and a strong faith are the keys to happiness and survival. Humor — permeates every part of my life. I view everything and everybody through the prism of humor. Sometimes my observations are offensive to prissy folks, but that is their problem, not mine. I’m a shoot-from-the-lip type: I call ‘em as I see ‘em gal. I thrive on being politically incorrect. Never mean, just creatively me. When I was a child, my brand of humor got me in lots of trouble. Oddly enough, what’s funny to a child is not necessarily funny to parents or teachers. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an author and columnist. I have worked in: libraries; the corporate world; led a successful sales team; acted in community theater; did a little television and film work; been a radio disk jockey; and was a high school English teacher for a very short time.

I truly believe God must have a tremendous sense of humor.

Why else would he create men and women?

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