One of this writer’s favorite pastimes is people watching. Unfortunately, the lengthy shutdown of our country and the world deprived her of that pleasurable activity.

The antics of humans are a cheap form of entertainment. Surprisingly, it makes her feel a connection to he-who-started-this-human experiment. Why? Imagine being an immortal being with no beginning and no end. At some point, boredom has to set in.

So, the bored one decided to create the planet Earth, among other things. At first, it was a cauldron of primordial soup filled with potential. Since time has no meaning for an immortal, eventually, the organisms evolved into humans. That is when the fun began.

“How can people entertain him when he knows what will happen?” you ask.

Do you have favorite movies you watch over and over again? In some cases, you might have all the dialogue memorized. And yet, you find yourself engaged in the plot and laugh just as hard at the funny parts as you did the first time as the tenth.

You know parents have to smother a smile. We can often predict what our children will do, but it is still fun to have them confirm that assumption with their antics. Of course, humans, in general, and children, in particular, can and do things we abhor. Nevertheless, they hold our attention. Why would it be any different for the immortal?

Nowadays, this lady must make do watching Nature’s antics. If you think that prospect for entertainment is a non-starter, think again.

Although this writer is born and bred a city girl, Nature is straightforward. Destructive at times, but no backstabbing. On the other hand, deception is the name of the game for humans. No one is candid at all times. Not even yours truly.

When we utter, so-called, white lies, we convince ourselves we do so to protect the feelings of another. In reality, we lie to protect ourselves. It may be to save face, our jobs, or power. But in all cases, obfuscation is the name of the game because the truth usually hurts.

Each morning as we gaze out the window, we see a yard covered in dandelions. For this anal lady, those yellow flowers are a sign she needs to mow again. But when she takes a moment to study the flowers, she notices they are morning plants. By noon, there is no yellow flower in sight. She has lived on this land for over 20 years, and yet it is the first time she took the time to take note of dandelion behavior.

Across the pasture, the cattle and donkeys do their thing.

The longhorn bull, affectionately known as Stupid, does not seem to understand his purpose in the herd. Since several cows birthed longhorn calves, perhaps he is shy and fulfills his tasks under cover of darkness.

Our donkey herd is a playful lot. Their purpose is to protect the cattle from coyotes and other predators. The rest of the time, the four jacks graze. Race each other all over the pasture. Roll in the dirt, and ardently seek the interest of the single jenny. Donkeys are social creatures, to the point that they all drop their emissions in the same spot. Before long, the pile is tall and wide.

It became increasingly annoying to circumvent the monstrous pile of droppings to reach the chicken coop. While mowing, we came upon a donkey do pile in the front yard. It was a good thing the lady was not walking behind a push mower. Did the donkeys decide to spread their social droppings, leap over the fence, drop their do and leap back?

Our resident squirrel is prolific, but at some point, the young ones usually strike out on their own. It seems, the squirrels decided to observe the COVID lockdown as well and stayed with mom. The result? They stripped the fruit from all our trees. Sometimes, they eat around the pits and leaving them hanging on the trees.

Were it not for the isolation, none of the foregoing would have registered on this writer’s radar. Too sad to contemplate.

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