This writer made a devastating discovery.

“I have been diagnosed with an incurable allergy. I am allergic to stupid people.” Mind you. The allergy is nothing new. We merely jumped ahead of the curve and gave it a catchy name. Cretin-itis.

Are you a “social” media addict? If so, you may not be aware of the fact that some folks use their minds for something other than a butt pad. You are probably part of the problem rather than a solution. Bless your hearts. (That is Southern Lady version of cussing.)

The frustration many of us feel, when we have to deal with and attempt to communicate with the butt-crushed brains, is astronomical. Your ignorance, whether it is willful or accidental, disturbs the “freethinkers.”

We are not referring to the original meaning of “freethinkers,” which was the rejection of popular opinions regarding religious beliefs. The term applies to those who are not bogged down by the politicization of everything, but most notably, the current pandemic.

At the rate things are going, even the toilet tissue you choose to use will have either a racial or political taboo attached to it. For example, years ago, the spokesperson for Charmin tissue was Mr. Whipple. Since he was an old white guy who squeezed and rhapsodized over the softness of the product, would that make him a racist in today’s anarchy-prone climate?

Not too long ago, if a person wore a hoodie to a bank or most business establishments, people panicked. They wondered if the hoodie-wearing person was going to whip out a gun and rob the place. Consequently, hoodie-wearing was discouraged.

Today, the mandates from politicians expect everyone to wear a mask. Could we get away with wearing a hoodie to a bank? How about open carry?

Your snarky writer discovered how hot and uncomfortable a mask could be while she blew nearly $600 on a Costco shopping trip. There is a downside to keeping a running list as you run out of things and rarely go shopping.

The boxes in her cart were well over five feet tall. Picture the petite woman trying to navigate the loaded shopping cart without running into some unfortunate soul in her way. It was annoying and hot work. Not only was sweat pouring off her body inside the air-conditioned store, but it was even more miserable as she loaded the purchases into her car on a toasty Texas day.

This writer’s daughter tries to convince her mother that she is part of the endangered age group, but the child does not realize this woman is the same age as Peter Pan. We both refuse to grow up. However, the lady does wear a leopard mask in stores and immediately removes it the moment she steps outside.

Although this lady prefers to order takeout from restaurants, some folks do go out to eat. So, folks have to wear masks entering a restaurant, but once they are seated, they can remove them to eat. It is mighty kind of those bloody politicians to bend to common sense occasionally.

On the other hand, it would be so much fun to have a mask with a zipper in the mouth area so one could eat and drink without removing their face cover. We cannot speak for you, but it would be worth it to see how other people, including the waiters, react.

Another example of the absence of common sense was a photograph of the geriatric leader of the House of Representatives wearing a scarf color coordinated to her outfit. Tres chic, dumbass. The bottom of the face-covering was open reminiscent of the bank robbers of the Old West, leaving plenty of room for the drool to drip down.

Something else we noticed was the plethora of face masks for sale online. We do question their effectiveness. Some are rhinestone-studded lacy veils, while others looked like someone cut colorful bras in half and sewed hooks on the sides of each cup.

The way the control freaks roll, we will all need full-body hazmat suits to go out in public.

Not worth the effort.

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