We all have fantasies.

Some folks want to be attractive or have their dream job. But most of all, people imagine what life would be like if they suddenly became wealthy, like a billionaire. Such daydreams occur

when the Lottery hits unexpected heights. People buy a Lottery ticket and invest in a dream, powered by a generous dose of hope.

Why desire billions when millions would be enough? People are greedy. Why be a millionaire when a billionaire has so much MORE money. When it comes to human greed, nothing is ever enough.

The truth is people rarely reach a point where they feel satisfied. They always want more. More love. More clothes. More jewelry. All available with more money. Not because they need more, but because they tend to channel their inner Scrooge McDuck or the troglodyte tech-created uber-wealthy.

But we digress.

Have you ever wondered about God? What does he or she do all day and throughout eternity to keep busy and entertained? If our adventures in isolation due to COVID can give us even a smidgen of insight, how does an immortal deal with isolation? How does he or she stay sane?

Before we proceed, please remove your cloak of religious indignation and think a moment. Everything we know about that being is what religious leaders over the centuries told us. But how do they know the facts? Were they fortunate enough to have tea or a glass of splendid bourbon with him or her?

Anthropomorphism is how humans conjure their visions of gods. They attributed human characteristics to them because that is how human minds coped with a deity concept. If you doubt this, look at Greek, Roman, or Norse mythology as examples. Their appearance and behavior mirrored the best and worst of humankind.

So far, no one has managed to snap a picture of God and posted it on Instagram. And yet, the images we see so often strangely resemble the gods of mythology. Consequently, it is natural to wonder about an immortal being and their activities in mortal terms.

This writer’s fascination with the gods of mythology has been a lifelong interest. One thing they all had in common, they got bored. Unfortunately, their boredom often translated into trials and tribulations for humans.

Some of their antics resembled those of demanding human toddlers or college students in the form of rampant self-indulgence. To balance things out, sometimes the gods managed to help people. But that help came with a price. Good or bad, the gods needed love and attention.

As we try to imagine what existence is like for an immortal being, we weave our mortal mindset and perhaps even our human concept of justice and morality into those daydreams.

When you dream of a better world, what are the wrongs you would not tolerate? What would you do about the creeping evil in the hearts of some humans? What would you do as people hurt others for the sake of their own pleasure?

All too often, people feel powerless to combat the wrongs in the world. But, if we had the power of a deity, what would we do?

Isolation and introspection go hand-in-hand. Sometimes the conclusions we reach are unexpected. Sometimes our sense of justice emerges.

We apologize in advance because our hypothetical musings turned out to be swift and vengeful.

In a perfect world, the strong take care of the weak and helpless, especially when it comes to the children.

Learning about man’s inhumanity toward each other and children, in particular, this lady wishes she were a Dragon Goddess. But this goddess has the power of lightning and fire.

The abusers of children would feel the lightning strike before the goddess finished the job by burning them to a crisp with her flaming breath.

She would clear the world of those who put themselves and their grasp on power above others’ health and security. Such a cleansing would probably reduce the population.

Her dealings with politicians would be brutal as well. Frying their posteriors with blasts of lightning and fire might contain or eradicate the worst of humanity.



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