Through the Keyhole

Oh to be the proverbial fly on the wall!

There was a time when people didn’t air their so-called “dirty laundry” in public, but with the advent of social media that time is long past.

Today, people think nothing of revealing the most personal and inappropriate stuff to strangers. Sometimes, they cross the threshold of propriety with family and friends as well. Perhaps such information would be better forgotten, but the inclination to shock or titillate is too hard to resist.

This is your chance to sneak a peek “Through the Keyhole” and read true stories strangers share with each other in an airport VIP lounge.

Some tales will make you laugh, cringe or smirk, but the intent is to entertain.

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2018 International Book Award Finalist


A sense of humor twisted or otherwise makes life more palatable.

If you are honest, it feels good to say exactly what you think, and not what is PC. There is an invigorating sense of freedom when we speak our mind.

“Fractured Proverbs & Twisted Thoughts” indulges your irreverent and wicked side. Take a look at the world around you with through the prism of truth. Nothing is off limits. The Proverbs, the words of Willy Shakespeare, familiar adages, songs, and jingles, they are all fair game as they pass through the twisted labyrinth of the author’s mind.

Humans take themselves and their puny lives too seriously. The intent of “Fractured Proverbs & Twisted Thoughts” is to reach inside the reader for a wry smile, a wide grin or a belly laugh.

Join us and indulge in a few twisted thoughts of your own.

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