Do you believe human beings are free?

Well, depending on where they live, some people think they are free or relatively free.

The truth is they are free as long as they operate within the invisible, but real parameters set up for them. If you doubt this, just venture outside those invisible lines (similar to the invisible pet fences that give you a jolt) and you will feel the limitations of your perceived freedom.

Let us travel back to the first couple who pranced around their campgrounds in naked bliss. They were free to do whatever they wanted. This ideal and free existence was somewhat correct when it was just the first dude because once the rib became woman things changed.

Truth be told, the parameters of the first dude’s freedom was determined by God. “You can do anything you want, except…” The first dude was okay with that because he was content with his bachelor life. Then God threw a monkey wrench into Adam’s lifestyle by removing a rib (without Adam’s permission) and creating the first lady we all know as Eve.

That is when Adam discovered the reality of not-quite-freedom. Between Eve’s demands and cajoling ways along with God’s “Thou Shall Nots”, Eden was no longer the ideal bachelor pad. Since God knows all, he knew or should have known that with the creation of Eve Paradise would soon be lost. So, why bother with the charade?

Clearly, two people were not enough for the grand plan. Do you find it odd that the moment the first couple was kicked out of the campgrounds, there were other people? How else can we explain the existence of mates for the first couple’s offspring? The potential and different gene-pool mates had to be multiplying to keep up with the first couple. With the increase in population, the strongest person in any particular group or a deity exercised control. Of course, by this time all deities had human spokespersons, usually males.

If you have one person in any given place, there is peace. But if you add just one more, there will be strife. This is because one of the two wants to be the boss. It naturally follows that the non-boss was less free than the boss. Consequently, as the population increased the urge to be in charge became a driving force as well. The boss complex grew and continued throughout the history of mankind up to and including today. The only difference is how boss-hood was and is achieved.

No matter what moment or country you choose in history, there were the bosses and the bossed. The urge to be in charge is a character flaw ingrained in the creatures we claim to be, namely, human beings.

Whether you are Genghis Khan, a Senator of ancient Greece or Rome, a medieval lord, Hitler, or even a group espousing one religion or another, you will want to be in charge. The thing about being in charge is that all the people under your rule will lose some or a great deal of their freedom, depending on the number of rules and regulations you impose on them.

Whether you are a part of a family unit or a company family, there will be rules. In the case of companies, there will be company rules as well as rules set forth by every boss. Just imagine all the boss layers above your pay grade. The thought alone will give you a massive migraine.

If you want to find out how free you are, just part your lips and speak what is on your mind. The verbal (and at times physical) assaults will rain down on you from all corners of the herd kingdom. After all, why should you be allowed to speak your mind when they have forfeited their right to do so?

Freedom is an illusion to keep the sheeple in line.

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