What if you do not feel like doing something, but it must get done?

Some people prefer to tackle tasks and finish them in a timely fashion. Others take their time and embark on a side trip of procrastination.

Organized people follow the compulsion to prioritize projects based on the level of difficulty, nastiness and general pain in the posterior. They tend to start with the task they dislike the most because it makes sense to do so. The point is to get it over with as quickly as possible. Leaving the easiest and sometimes even enjoyable job last will lift a person’s spirits as they reach the end of a To Do List.

The idea is to complete a particular task which often requires a person’s complete attention to get it done right. No one wants to redo an unpleasant job because of sloppy execution. Oddly enough, being forced to revisit a disliked task tends to make the lazy person mad, and heaven forbid they look in the mirror to place blame.

When it comes to doing unpleasant tasks, the television show Dirty Jobs comes to mind. The host worked alongside laborers performing necessary and often disgusting work. If you had to dig out a clogged septic line, would you prefer to get the blasted thing out of the way or putz around and procrastinate? The nasty job will continue to loom large and become more daunting as time goes by.

It would be impossible to have a top 10 list of unpleasant tasks because each person’s tolerance and likes and dislikes differs. The dreaded task this writer dislikes is taking care of her chickens during cold and often rainy weather. For that reason, she tends to deal with the clucker-related work early in the day and then gets on with her life.

The procrastinators among us number in the hundreds or perhaps even thousands. After all, it is easier to remain inert and contemplate your navel lint than to be productive. Believe it or not, some people cultivate their procrastinator gene and allow it to thrive. The words “urgent” and “hurry” were never a part of their vocabulary and lifestyle.

Folks wired to dive in and complete a task have difficulty relating to and dealing with lollygaggers. Perhaps a few examples of how procrastinators operate will clarify why the action-oriented people cannot deal with them without frustration.

A chef decided to open the restaurant of his dreams. A friend of his offered to make the sign. A month passed and opening day loomed, and yet the friend still did not have the promised sign ready. With each passing day, the chef became increasingly frustrated and angry because he broke a cardinal rule of business. Never conduct business with friends or relatives.

When the chef confronted his friend about the sign, the man’s response was maddening and unexpected. “I’ve been trying to figure out the easiest way to make it.” Consequently, the restaurant opened without a proper sign. The only way people learned about the place was if they happened to pass by.

Following a severe hailstorm, several roofs in a suburban neighborhood needed their roofs replaced. To help jumpstart a friend’s contracting business a couple of neighbors hired the contractor to replace the roofs on their homes.

The contractor spent more time playing basketball with the son of one neighbor which resulted in the roofing job taking an entire month. The other neighbor’s roof took even longer because they were friends and the contractor spent more time visiting than working.

Is there a parent on this planet who has not crossed verbal swords with a messy child? “Johnny, did you clean your room yet?” the mother asks when the boy tries to go play with his friends.

“Not yet.”

“You’ve had five hours to get it done. Now go back to your room and stay there until you get the job done.”

It takes more effort to put things off and argue about it than to get the task done. Procrastinators are the slow-motion turtles of humankind.

If procrastinators were boulders, they would have a thick layer of moss on their butts.





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