Whether we like it or not, life has a way of dumping lemons into our laps.

To counteract those lemons, this writer is always on the alert for touches of weird and funny, that unintentionally inject levity to any situation. Such unexpected moments give us respite from our burdens.

Waking to strange sounds in your home is unsettling. In our house, the sounds of movement in the early morning is not a problem because Hubby tends to wake up before the lady of the manor. In her defense, being a late riser is the consequence of staying up late, reading.

But Hubby was sound asleep. Now, we have a problem. Since the lord of the manor was still in bed, what were those sounds that disturbed the lady’s slumber?

Her feet hit the floor. Intent on finding the source of the noise, she never considered unpleasant consequences. As she rounded the end of the bed, the sounds returned from outside the bedroom window. When she opened the curtains, she saw that a strong windstorm was the cause of the disturbance. The violent wind made the giant elephant ears tap one her window pane.

A friend’s spouse is seriously ill. While brewing coffee one morning, she heard a clicking sound coming from the living room. When she went to investigate, she experienced a Left Behind moment. There was no one in the room, but she found her husband’s pants draped on the recliner seat as if the occupant had disappeared.

Her frantic search for her husband stopped when he shuffled out of the bathroom. “I had to take care of business before I had time to put on my pants,” he explained with a sheepish grin.

Have you noticed how certain life situations bring out the dark humor? That type of response is especially prevalent when the end of life is just around the corner. Some refer to conversations and comments with a macabre tinge as graveyard humor.

Keep in mind humor is the mind’s way of coping with difficult issues.

My mother had leukemia. As the disease progressed, the doctor suggested a blood transfusion to stave off the inevitable. A telephone conversation with her still makes me smile.

“They want to give me a blood transfusion.”

“Perhaps the doctor thinks it will give you a bit more strength.”

“I don’t know if I want to have the procedure,” mother whispered.

“Why not?”

“I’m afraid I’ll catch Aids.”

“Mother, leukemia will get you long before Aids would ever be an issue. Please get the transfusion.”

“If you’re sure about that, then I’ll do it,” she promised.

A friend’s husband has a terminal illness and nearing the end. He did not want to be kept alive with any extraordinary measures. But he was in pain. The family convinced him to allow a hospice nurse to visit and explain what hospice offered. After a prolonged discussion, he agreed.

When the nurse outlined the various tools, such as oxygen, and several medications at his disposal, including morphine for the pain, he refused. “I’m not taking morphine!”

The family wanted to know why he would not take medicine for his pain. “It’s addictive. I had a friend in college who had surgery and became addicted after only two doses of morphine.”

“Would you let me include morphine in your medication kit, just in case you change your mind,” asked the nurse.

He reluctantly agreed.

The delivery was due the next day at an unspecified time. He kept looking out the window checking for the delivery. As the day progressed, his pain intensified to the point that he said, “As soon as the medicine arrives, I’m taking a small dose of the morphine.”

No matter what we have to deal with, it is comforting to find that into the darkness and pain a little humor and light will shine. Even if the arguments against solutions take a somewhat dark path, the process is necessary. That is how the universe maintains balance.

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