Welcome to fall, the brief stepping stone to winter in North Texas.

The weather in this part of the country is schizophrenic. It has been raining nonstop for over two weeks. Consequently, sleeping through the night has been next to impossible because of all the screaming outside.

In case you do not live around here, the screaming is coming from the grass. The ground is supersaturated and almost to the point of swampy. When you step on the grass, mud squishes up in hard bursts.

Although, if you do not mind getting your feet dirty, it might be fun to take off your shoes and run outside. There is something liberating about walking barefoot in the wet grass as mud squishes between your toes.

Texas weather is about extremes.

Throughout the summer, the parched earth pleaded for rain, and the weather gods laughed. If the cracks in the ground continued to grow without a sizeable rain event to check their progress, some pastures could anticipate the beginnings of mini Grand Canyons.

Consequently, when the skies filled with dark clouds followed by a prolonged deluge, the people rejoiced. They told stories of cracks in their pastures large enough to swallow a calf. (We hope you are aware that folks tend to exaggerate a lot, especially in the country, right?)

It did not take long before the rain wore out its welcome. It dragged on far longer than was convenient for the humans. After all, the soggy weather interfered with their weekend plans. The same folks who danced for joy were now itching and moaning, “When will the blankety-blank rain end?” And,  “Where’s the sunshine?”

Many people know from first-hand experience, a steady liquid diet of dreary weather affects a person’s mood. For some, the continuous rain caused minor cases of depression, grouchiness, and stir crazy-itis.

And what do you suppose was the greatest sin of all committed by the constant rain? It deprived folks of indulging in tailgate parties. Since tailgating is merely an excuse to consume mountains of unhealthy but delicious food and guzzle gallons of beer, can you imagine how unbearable their mood became?

Given the constant complaints about the rain, it is clear that people forgot about the recent hot and dry summer. Or, what it felt like to feel the unforgiving sun beat down on them and the earth. Yeah. Folks tend to have short-term memories, and not just about the weather.

Then one day, this writer noticed a light spot on the floor. When she tried to wipe it up, she realized the stain was a small ray of sunshine peeking into her house through the blinds. After she banged her head against the wall for being so silly, she did what any normal human would do. She danced around the room to celebrate the return of the sun.

As you know, on any given day, the weather in this part of the country can and does shift within a few hours. This situation may explain why Mother Nature is in the constant throes of a condition similar to PMS.

What do you expect of the old girl? She must deal with every type of weather that funnels into Texas.

The Canadians are particularly delighted to share endless cold fronts with us. Of course, the cold would be quite welcome and no problem to endure if it came our way during the hot as hell months. But no, Canadian cold fronts wait until we have the Texas version of winter, which can be mighty frosty and needs no extra boost from Canada.

Aside from enjoying the remnants of hurricanes, whether we want to or not, every type of allergy-inducing dust and seed finds its way to Texas as well. We are so-o-o-o fortunate.

What with all the rain, we have to wonder if Mother Nature had to use weatherproof undergarments.









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