Do you ever wonder if anyone knows what they are doing? Or are even the so-called experts faking it?

For example, someone commits several heinous murders. The news media salivates over every gory detail, calling for the police to apprehend the killer. But after the murderer is in jail, the media suddenly looks for extenuating circumstances that will allow the killer to go free.

The killer or his family hires defense lawyers whose only job is to find a way to free the client, guilty or not. Should the lawyers succeed, as they have all too often, the murderer is free to kill again.

When the freed criminal strikes again, everyone has an oops moment. The deafening silence from the media, lawyers, and ill-informed bleeding hearts reigns supreme. Heaven forbid any one of the previous loudmouths take responsibility for their mistakes. Instead, they move on to champion some other high-profile crook.

If the killer does go on trial, both the prosecution and the defense hire a plethora of limelight-seeking psychologists. The illogical positions taken by such professionals on whether the person is sane or not fall on both sides.

Then the jury finds themselves in the precarious position of dealing with a crapshoot. Heads, the person on trial is sane and guilty or tails, they choose the easy route: insane and locked away for a brief time before the asylum sets them free.

All too often, justice is not only blind but stupid and corruptible as well.

Whether people end up in prison for their actions or not all too often depends on the district attorney’s political affiliations. But sometimes, the lines between actual guilt or innocence are further blurred. When the jails become overcrowded, the powers release many criminals regardless of their crimes. Such illogical action could only happen when selfinterests take precedence over common sense.

Some political yahoos with more power than brains, seeking re-election, decide to play god or goddess with the lives of folks in prison. Either specific behavior demands jail time, or it does not. But these folks raise their fingers calculating which direction offers more advantages for them, not the incarcerated folks.

Of course, the previous examples carry more weight than some ill-advised everyday decisions people make. The one constant in both tough and mundane choices is a lack of logic or ethics.

If we believe that most people want or seek love, as highlighted by books, movies, and popular songs, you would think after a couple of errors in judgment, they would learn from past mistakes.

Sadly, that is not the case. People seem drawn to a specific type and continue to do so repeatedly. Some females always fall for yet another bad boy, and some guys cannot resist the lure of heartless and self-centered witches. As you might guess, the word begins with the second letter of the alphabet, but it seems more polite to call them broomstick riders.

In other words, people never learn. They continue to gravitate to the same type of people, also known as mistakes.

Yet another silly behavior exhibited by your humble writer has no logical basis. Her children constantly make fun of this quirk. But she cannot avoid the inevitable choice and continues the same action night after night.

If you live in an urban area, it is difficult to see the stars at night because of all the artificial light in such places. The sky is never completely dark. However, one of the perks of country living is that the stars and the moon present a breathtaking and ethereal option to the city lights.

The country dark is almost sinister. Consequently, this lady closes the blinds and curtains to shut out the darkness. We do not need coyotes or other critters, whether two or four-legged, to peek inside.

A final example is of a mother who complained every time her children decided to have pizza with friends rather than dinner with the family.

“Pizza is unhealthy,” the matriarch chided. But before long, the woman became hooked on making and serving homemade pizza every week.

She just hated for them to leave the nest.

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