Insects are this lady’s least favorite inhabitants of our planet.

Yes, in the grand scheme of things they serve a purpose, specifically when it comes to sustaining birds, lizards, and some mammals.

To the best of our knowledge, Earth is not home to Klingons. So, generally speaking, bugs normally do not appear on the average restaurant menu.

There are human exceptions to nearly every sweeping statement. Consequently, there are certain cultures as well as folks with adventurous palates who do indulge in the creepy crawlies. To them we can only quote the Romans “de gustibus non est disputandum” – in matters of taste, there is no dispute. Or, as some prefer to say, there is no accounting for taste (or lack thereof).

We are in the midst of Costa Rica’s rainy season. From what the locals tell us, the weather could and probably will get worse. Who cares? Sunshine and storms chase each other like uninhibited children, and in between the two events, people go on with their lives.

For example, the other day we attended a birthday celebration on one of the beaches. The group was a perfect blend of family and friends. Food and drink were plentiful. The conversation ebbed and flowed as often happens at such gatherings.

A sudden shower briefly interrupted the festivities. Once we managed to cover and secure essential items, the most critical being the food, the grownups channeled their inner child by dancing in the rain. The results were lots of happy faces with wet hair plastered to our skulls; and soaked clothes. Some of us tried wringing out our wet clothes with little success.

The party resumed until a more serious storm threatened, barely allowing everyone to collect their belongings and escaping into their cars. This storm brought a cold rain that left many of the folks used to a more tropical temperature shivering. The temperature dropped to the mid-70s, prompting some locals to don sweatshirts. In Texas, we consider those temperatures balmy.

Every evening, we settle down to varied conversations and dinner. The meal often prepared by a three-star Michelin chef (three-star being the only rating of note in Michelin’s eyes. Anything higher is ostentatious.) The chef happens to be our daughter-in-law, who raises food enjoyment to stellar levels.

If we owned a restaurant and she came in to dine, the chef could very well pass out from stress while waiting for her verdict on the food. We learned interesting tidbits about the smoke and mirrors game behind menus in upscale restaurants. For example, if the description of a dish includes “cooked in squid ink,” it is merely there for the wow factor and not flavor enhancement. Be wowed by the taste rather than the flamboyant description.

Sometimes we play games. The group favorite is the laugh-inducing Cards Against Humanity. Be warned. This game is not for the average church ladies or gents. If you or your group tend toward pinched posterior-itis and are easily offended, do not attempt to play this game.

After we bid one another “Goodnight,” this woman crawls into bed with her trusty Kindle. Before settling down, the first order of business is evacuating scarab beetles lurking under the pillows.

One pesky issue while reading the Kindle at night, it draws flying critters of all kinds. Moths and other tiny insects are easy to handle with a swish of a finger. However, dive-bombing scarab beetles go for the hair. Fortunately, this lady has not succumbed to screaming like a girl while shaking beetles from her hair. That behavior would be embarrassing.

Night after night, the battle of the flying bugs interrupts our reading. Finally, we found a solution. If you cover your head and read under the covers, you eliminate fighting the bugs. Unfortunately, it gets too hot under the covers. Periodically, we have to come up for air and cool off before continuing to read.

So, at the moment, this lady’s life includes finding beetles, dead and alive, in her bed. On the plus side, since she is a Beatles fan, she can now boast she slept with the beetles.


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