Talk about a loaded question! Right? All the same, for this conversation and if all parties agree to embrace total honesty, neither answer is accurate.

Unless you happen to be a heavenly being on a deluxe slumming tour of our charming little planet, you are probably part devil and part angel. The only difference is the degree to which either entity is in greater control than the other at any given time.

Of course, we do not mean to imply that an actual miniature devil sits on one shoulder and a miniature angel on the other whispering in your ears, driving you crazy with their opposing suggestions. Although, the notion has some entertainment value reminiscent of old cartoons.

What we mean to say is there are times when either the devil or the angel has the upper hand and carries more weight in its influence over your thoughts and behavior. During such imbalance, one of the two entities morphs into your personal 900-pound devil or angel. Usually, the devil seems to have the upper hand. In other words, most of us are spiritual schizophrenics.

Let’s pretend a giant plucks you from that comfortable recliner and plops you smack dab in the middle of bad traffic and lunatic drivers. Placed in this unholy situation, the entity wielding the greatest power is the little red guy with the pitchfork. He controls your unkind thoughts, the words spewing from your lips in the form of salty language, and other antisocial behavior. But take comfort in knowing that such aberrations of your sweet self only last for as long as you are driving. Such snapshots in life are known as situational devilry.

Even before the great heavenly schism took place, the essence of devils existed in the form of subliminal soul worms which burrowed into the depths of angelic souls. It is important to keep in mind; both humans and angels possess an important treasure known as free will.

After eons of burrowing by the soul worms, one fine day the angels chose to flex their free will muscles. In the end, it was their free will combined with hubris (overweening pride) that caused some angels to make a gross miscalculation. Humans are also prone to making similar miscalculations.

Does the path of this conversation offend your delicate PC sensibilities?  Too bad. This space is a PC-Free Zone. Now, shall we forge ahead, with or without boxing gloves and Kevlar vests?

Young and old alike, complain about one perceived injustice or other both in the world at large and on a personal level. Some rant about the evil in the world and wonder why God allows such behavior to continue unchecked.

Our mother never tired of reminding us “No one is all bad. There is some good in everyone.” What she did not say because she was a kind soul, at times it takes a great deal of excavating to find that kernel of good in some people.

The question is, is it worth digging through all the slime and sludge to find a microscopic speck of goodness? That is something each of us must decide for ourselves. Regardless of mother’s belief, there are folks who clearly lack even an ounce of decency and seem to be evil personified.

By strange coincidence or perhaps by divine design, far too many of the “small kernel” folks are dictators of hapless countries or high-ranking members of the political class throughout the world. Mind you, the probability of class and politician co-existing in the same humanoid creature is minuscule to non-existent.

In spite of the assumption that the angels were good, some of them used their free will and turned to the dark side. It was a calculated risk they must endure for eternity. Yes, evil and its manifestations in the world shock us. But how can anyone expect puny humans to make a better choice than the angels?

Fortunately, humans keep on trying.

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