As we gaze at all the cars in gym parking lots, we recall an important truth. People tend to be predictable.

Some folks forget that the pie hole stuffing excesses of the last few months include the Halloween candy you pilfered from your child’s stash. Following the last of the New Year’s Eve parties and football watching gatherings on New Year’s Day, you may get an unexpected jolt of reality. Folks step out of the shower, glance in the full-length mirror in their bathroom, and shriek.

If there is a smidgeon of common sense left in your hard skull, did you think all those yummies you consumed with wild abandon would mystically enter the cosmos and not leave a residue on your body? You may believe in magic, but you forgot something critical. Savory goodness passes your lips and always finds its way to your hips.

Before we continue, there is a question burning in this writer’s brain. Who thought it was a good idea to put a full-length mirror into the bathroom? That genius needs a crash course in understanding vanity and delusion.

Why torture yourself with the agony of staring at your body in all its naked and imperfect glory? The truth is, we already tend to gaze with a jaundiced eye when viewing ourselves. After all, unless you are a Stepford Wife, you will see imperfections even on a body most people would do almost anything to resemble.

Mirrors are not forgiving. The exception may be those found in dress shops. What do they do to the lighting to make your reflection more flattering than at home? In the real world, the reflection you see in the mirror is brutally honest. The brutal honesty is also a trait of a female relative. If you do not want the truth, do not ask her opinion. She does not sugar coat her answers.

How you react to the revelation of your body’s post indulgence transformation is up to you. Many people go on crazy diets, which promise immediate results, or they rush to join a gym. The problem is the results sought at a gym are slower than our instant gratification society can accept.

For those dedicated to their workout and health-oriented lifestyle, be patient. The folks clogging your gym in cute workout clothes will soon fall by the wayside. Not all, but a large percentage of the excess weight panickers now flocking to gyms lack intestinal fortitude. It takes dedication to set a goal and achieve a fit body. The secret the panickers ignore is you must exercise regularly and, pretty much, for the rest of your life.

The gym I joined after Hubby left was a tight cluster of machines, weights, and sundry other equipment. During the time I was a member, I worked with three trainers. The first was a nice, but out of shape woman who rushed through the session by recommending machines she liked. Then there was a staff shakeup, and she was gone.

After bumbling about, doing my thing kind of exercise, I asked a second trainer, who seemed competent, for help. He set up a workout program, with machines and floor exercises. The problem with the floor routine was the postage-stamp-sized area. It is intimidating to be on the floor while bulgy guys heft monstrous barbells over me.

A few days later, the good trainer quit. Paranoia set in. Did I smell? Was he disgusted with my efforts? The fly in the ointment was that I committed and paid for three months of training. When I contacted the owner to get my money back, he refused. “I’ll find you another trainer.”

Even though the third trainer did an excellent job, I stopped going and eventually canceled my membership.

The gym I recently joined is spacious, with a separate room for women to do floor exercises. It is cheaper than the other gym. Membership includes Yoga and Zumba, and family can use the gym without paying extra.

The “fitness” industry makes billions. People pay upfront wanting quick results but do not follow through to achieve their dream.


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