Another year comes to an end with minimal cosmic changes. And humans are still the same.

In fact, there is nothing more entertaining and, at times, utterly confusing than a human. With a nod of acknowledgment to all you animal lovers, not even the countless animal videos floating around social media can compare to human behavior. Animals are not rational creatures, but humans are, or they should pretend to be somewhat rational.

Let’s look at a few examples of humans acting without engaging the brain.

Based on their on and off field behavior, professional athletes must be the folks who caused scientists to conclude that people only use 10% of their brains. (Please note that this widely disseminated determination has been proven false, but that discussion is for another day.)

The off-field antics usually involve social media outlets, such as Twitter. Since many of the posts by football players and other athletes occur in the heat of the moment, there ought to be a cool down period after a game. Perhaps barring players from using computers or any other devices that will enable them to connect to the internet and post something stupid would help.

This simple rule allows the gladiator/beast side of the athletes’ brains to recede, allowing the common sense portion of their intellect to take control. The result would be fewer irrational rants on Twitter or elsewhere that must then be taken down.

It is a given that prior to actual games football players go through considerable training. By game time, they ought to be able to play the game without careless rule infractions. And yet, we watch those behemoths reach out to touch someone on the opposing team in a less than cordial and, at times, quite illegal manner that may or may not result in serious injury.

As a sidebar, referees and other officials should chill when it comes to making holding calls. Can they read the players’ minds and the intent behind a somewhat questionable move? If not, perhaps the officials should take into account that the beasts were feeling the need to hug someone, and an opposition player just happened to be within reach.

Another area of potential amusement is the corporate workplace.

Every company has dress code rules and other rules of behavior. Let’s face it. If someone is above another person, then there will be rules that drizzle downward. Some rules are obvious and downright insulting. But then, as is the case with laws in general, rules are designed to reach the lowest common denominator.  The reason for such simplification is that the employees are often in “robotic mode” and, at times, forget to engage the common sense side of their brains.

Regardless of the rules, some people wear inappropriate attire to work. In fact, some so-called clothing is more appropriate for “entertainment work” rather than office work. So, if you enjoy letting your body parts hang out, fall out or otherwise be on display, the office may not be the best place for such multitalented clothing. If nothing else, the discomfort of others, whether physical or moral, is something to consider.

Even though this is supposed to be the season of loving and kindness, we have to take a moment to watch the tight-lipped and critical folk who walk among us. Do not get upset. Consider the source. Rest assured that you are having more fun than they are.

Of course, holiday cheer and civility are absent in traffic, rush hour or otherwise. We can always count on a few of our fellow travelers to display behavior guaranteed to push someone’s postal buttons. For example, positioning your car diagonally across two lanes is not recommended.

Our New Year wish is for fewer encounters with the geni-asses with whom we must share this planet.

And if all else fails: May the Force be with you (and not with them).



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