New: The Beast Within

The Beast Within

The Beast Within

A contemporary twist on a familiar fairy tale told with just a touch of magic to spice things up.

Crystal Belle St. James’ life is demanding to the point of overwhelming. Her days revolve around the thriving exotic plant and floral nursery. Her nights are devoted to caring for a parent suffering from Alzheimer’s. She is lonely. But there are not enough hours in the day for socializing with friends or going on dates.

Daniel Di Domenico is handsome and wealthy. Countless beautiful women have tried and failed to capture his attention or his heart. But Daniel prefers solitude to the aimless thrashing about people engage in to find love. He doubts true love even exists.

Then Fate steps in. A brief glimpse of Crystal captures his attention and interest. But before he can act on his desire to meet her, Daniel contracts Bell’s palsy and becomes temporarily disfigured. Just when he was ready to reach for something more than the status quo, his world becomes a cage of doctors and therapy.

Enter Blindfold, Inc. a unique dating service which allows couples to get to know each other without relying on a visual assessment of the other. On a Blindfold date, all the other senses come into play. They have the opportunity to discover the person behind the social mask. If they are lucky, they get to know their heart and soul.

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